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just a disclaimer that my posts are not substitutes for medical or mental health advice, but are insights and experiences from my eating disorder recovery, as someone who is now fully recovered. if you or a loved one is struggling from an eating disorder, i encourage you to reach out to a non-diet, HAES-aligned care provider.

hey folks!

my name is Kacey and i’m an activist, writer, sociology and philosophy student, coffee addict, and cat lady living in San Francisco, California. i’m an ardent advocate of social justice, body liberation, food freedom, and overall, a life free from the rules imposed on us by diet culture and the wellness industry.

but i haven’t always been passionate about these things. in fact, i’ve spent most of my life at war with myself in one way or another–and this manifested in a soul-sucking eating disorder and exercise addiction that consumed my entire life. it’s because i spent so many years consumed by my eating disorder that i now have a newfound understanding of how diet culture, fatphobia, and weight stigma, along with many other interlocking systems of oppression, convince us our bodies are the problem. but they’re not–diet culture is.

after many years of restricting, shrinking, and listening to the lies i was fed by diet culture and the wellness industry, and after being denied treatment multiple times due to the still pervasive misunderstanding that you must be emaciated to have a restrictive eating disorder, i decided enough was enough–and got the help i needed.

recovery wasn’t easy–it was a long, hard journey in which i had to critically examine my internalized belief systems surrounding food morality, body size, race, gender, sexuality, productivity, and every other facet of society that diet culture attempts to police. i had to challenge my fear foods, embrace restorative movement and rest, and say no to anything preventing me from being the body-liberated intuitive eater i was born to be. as Audre Lorde said, self care is most definitely an act of political warfare, and the more i leaned into it the more radically recovered i became.

and now i want to empower others to do the same.

through radically recovered, i’m taking an even more active stance against diet culture and i’m inviting you to come and join me. here you’ll find posts, articles, graphics, art, videos, and more, all about HAES, intuitive eating/living, social justice, feminism, self care, body liberation, food freedom, and so much more. i’m so excited for this journey and i can’t wait to connect with you all.

let’s unlearn together!

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